H&D Precision

H&D Precision in Asten is a tool shop specialized in the design and manufacture of injection molds. Since its founding in 1965, there is continuously built on development of knowledge and experience in the field of mould and die making, which enables H&D to execute very complex projects.

In close cooperation with leading injection molding companies H&D Precision develops and manufactures precision molds for a variety of high quality technical components used in different market areas, such as:

  • Electro and electronics industries such as switch parts;
  • 3D (sight) products such as luxury packaging and high precision gears with high quality standards;
  • Miniature packaging, often multi-component (2K) for the medical industry;
  • A wide range of products, with wide variety of plastic and size, for the sprayer and dispensing industry;
  • Spare parts for the automotive, displays, switches, buttons;

Special molds which require technologies such as insert molding and two-component injection molding are a specialty of H & D Precision.

In addition to the construction of molds H&D Precision also specializes in repair & maintenance and manufacturing of special components.

The machinery with measuring and scanning equipment in conjunction with its long-established expertise on the shopfloor enables H&D Precision to assist customers quickly and flexible with various problems such as:

1) Mold Modifications due to product Changes
2) Mold Repairs
3) Mold Maintenance
4) Specialized Parts